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Newsletter   Friday 19th September 2014 – No 3




As most schools these days, we have a NO NUTS policy in place.  We have several children with severe nut allergies in school and we must therefore ask that you do not provide your child with any products containing nuts.  Please take particular care with cereal/museli/breakfast bars and certainly no peanut butter sandwiches


School Photography

On Tuesday 30th September the photographer will be in school to take individual and sibling group photographs.  Sibling groups will be taken together unless we are contacted in writing into the School Office to request that individual photographs are taken.  Please ensure on that morning that everyone is looking super smart with tidy hair!


Medication into School

Please do not send any medication, over the counter or prescription, into school with your daughter unless you have downloaded and completed the ‘Permission for School to Administer Medication form from the School Website or collected this form from the School Office.


New Arrangements for Reporting Absence from School

On the morning of any absence, please contact the School Office before 9.00am by telephone, if necessary leaving a message on the answerphone.  This should then be followed up on the same morning by an email explaining the reason for the absence and the estimated length of absence.  If your child does not return to school when you anticipate, then please follow up with a second email.  These new arrangements will replace the need for a follow-up letter on return to school, but ONLY if they are adhered to. This is because written confirmation of all absences need to correspond with absence marks recorded on the register which is a statutory requirement.


Wow Week

Next week in Wow week, our walk to and or from school week!  Please encourage your daughter to achieve her walks by parking a little further away from school, thereby enabling her to be awarded her WoW badge at the end of the week.


Reception visit to Build a Bear

The visit of Reception class to the Build a Bear Workshop is next WEDNESDAY!  We still have a significant amount of forms outstanding – your daughter will be unable to attend this trip if the forms are not completed and received into the School Office on Monday morning.


Bude 2015 – Forms V & VI

The first payments were due into the School Office today!  Unfortunately many of you forgot – please can we remind you to bring these in on Monday.


High Ashurst and Bowles Residential – Forms III & IV

These payments are due into the School Office on Monday.


Macmillan Coffee Morning

This will be held in Senior House Hall next Friday 26th September starting at 8.30am until 10.00am.  Please do try and stay after drop off or come along later in the morning for a coffee, cake and chat, raising money for Macmillan.



Despite our reminder in the first Newsletter of this term, parents are continuing to park without due consideration to our neighbours and in some cases illegally.  This week’s offenders are:


LJ52 VDO – Black BMW

WF53 LTZ – Lexus

KM02 YMY – Mercedes (?)


To avoid being ticketed and for the safety of your children, please park carefully and always, if possible, on the school side of the road to avoid having to cross Banstead Road South with young children at busy traffic times.


CADA Dance

The girls attending the Tuesday lunchtime dance club are now to wear their school PE kit when taking part.



A Letter from the Parents of Seaton House


Did you know that the Parents of Seaton House (POSH) raised a staggering c. £10,000 last year for our school! By way of sharing the sheer scale of contribution we have listed below details of the items purchased by the Parents of Seaton House in the last year:


3 CD Players/Stereos for Junior House

4 Gazebos for school and posh events

Gym mats

New laptops and trolley

A number of maths games for Junior House

Contribution to the Year 6 Leavers’ Book


Together through the various Parents of Seaton House events that were held, not only did we raise a lot of money for the school, but a lot of fun was had by the children and their families!


POSH is a totally voluntary organisation but over the last year the majority of work and support has been provided by a few loyal parents.  This is because POSH has lost a significant amount of key players from the committee, through girls moving onto secondary school. We are also in the process of looking for a replacement Chair(s) to run POSH, with a view to someone taking over asap.  Unfortunately if no-one volunteers to take over this role the POSH committee may no longer exist! 



For POSH to continue in any form WE NEED YOUR HELP!


How can you help?

As the saying goes, many hands make light work!  We understand that many parents work, or have children at other schools, so time is extremely tight. But here are a few examples of how you can get involved and really help, which don’t have a great time impact:


  • If you are coming along to an event with your child, give us as little as 30 mins of your time on a stall, your girls will probably love it too!

  • You can help in the build up to an event by pricing items and preparing stalls.

  • We are always looking for helpers to arrive early to an event to help set up or by staying later to clear up.

  • If you are a keen baker there are several events coming up when your skills will be much appreciated.

  • Have you got storage space for equipment, stock to hold over between events?

  • Got a big car? You could help transport equipment to school or from other venues.

  • Big shopper? We are always looking for stock at reasonable prices, keeping an eye out and stocking up could really help us out.


    As you can see everyone can get involved and ultimately without your help POSH may cease to exist.  We truly believe our school is a better place for giving all our girls the chance to mix, mingle and have fun together in a social environment. After all, our school days are supposed to be our best, so let's make sure they are!


    The following events are taking place this term and as mentioned above, your help at any or all of them will be greatly appreciated!


    Events - Autumn Term 2014


    Macmillan Coffee Morning      -           Friday 26th September – 8.45 to 11.00am

    The Gladman                          -           Wednesday 5th November – 1.00 to 3.30pm

    Autumn Fair                            -           Saturday 15th November – 12.00 to 2.00pm

    Christmas Disco                     -           Friday 5th December – 6.00 to 8.00pm



    If you have any questions or would like to get more involved please speak to any of the following parents:


    Treasurers                                                      Olivia Eisinger & Sheila Attwood

    Second Hand Uniform                                    Zoe Bradnum


    Form Reps:

    Nursery                                                           Jo Evans

    Reception                                                        Karma Hardin

    Form I                                                              Olivia Sims

    Form II                                                             Kate Lloyd & Vanessa Smith

    Form III                                                            Olivia Eisinger

    Form IV                                                           Pooja Kapoor

    Form V                                                            Helen Hunter & Kate Warne

    Form VI                                                           Zoe Prowse


    Alternatively you can email us at



    Thank you for taking the time to read this - your help would be greatly appreciated!


    Many thanks

    Parents of Seaton House